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Have you been denied your request for a reasonable accommodation because of a physical or mental disability that is needed to perform your work? Did your employer tell you that it doesn't have to accommodate you, provide you a short leave of absence for a disability, or intermittent leave because you are ineligible under the FMLA? If so, you may have reason to file a claim for disability discrimination under New Jersey state law.

Our employment law firm represents clients who have been discriminated or retaliated against, subjected to a hostile work environment or wrongfully terminated for requesting a reasonable accommodation for a mental disability, physical disability or other disability. We have also helped clients who have been told that if they exercise their right to take leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or New Jersey Family Leave Act (or are ordered by medical providers to go on bed rest), they will be replaced.

Our disability discrimination lawyers get involved in employment law concerns at any point in the process of addressing an employment law concern. In some cases, an employee needs education about reasonable accommodations, classes of persons protected from discrimination and other workplace issues. Other times, an employee has not been informed of the possibility of an accommodation and has been wrongfully terminated because an un-accommodated disability leaves them unable to perform essential job functions.

Disability discrimination laws are similar to the Family Medical Leave Act; they protect the employee from wrongful termination, harassment, hostile work environment and demotion due to disability.

Have you suffered disability discrimination? You can do something about it. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced employment law attorney.

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