New Jersey Sales Representative Rights Act

Does a principal client owe an unpaid commission amount that you believe is too small to justify retaining an attorney to obtain the earned commissions? Our New Jersey Sales Representative Attorneys represent independent sales representations in cases of unpaid commissions no matter how small or large. If your unpaid commission fits under the New Jersey Sales Representative Act, you may be entitled to treble damages (up 3 times the amount of the unpaid commission) and reimbursement of all attorney fees and costs incurred in recovering the debt owed.

The New Jersey Sales Representatives Rights Act (“SRRA”) provides strong legal protections to independent sales and manufacturer’s representatives for the unpaid commissions to independent sales representations from their customer clients. The New Jersey Sales Representatives' Rights Act mandates that a sales representative be paid their commission from the principal when due and that failure to do so will render the principal liable to the sales representative for all amounts due the sales representative, exemplary damages in an amount three times the amount of commissions owed to the sales representative and all attorney's fees incurred by the sales representative in the action and court costs. This law is intended to provide an incentive for the rapid payment of commissions that were earned by sales and manufacturer’s representatives. The law ensures that sales and manufacturer’s representatives do not have the amount of unpaid commission be reduced by the costs of collections, litigations and attorney’s by allowing them to recoup these out of pocket expenses from the principal who has violated the Sales Representative Rights Act.

Because the SRRA provides for an award of treble damages, attorney fees and costs, we are often able to represent our clients in cases of unpaid commissions on a contingency basis – meaning we only get paid if you recover. In other words, we are paid only if we are able to collect your unpaid commission. Therefore, no unpaid commission is too small, which is a corner stone of New Jersey’s Sales Representatives Rights Act (“SRRA”). New Jersey law recognizes that you earned your commission, your commissions are your source of income and the law is designed to protect this important part of your sales business.

If you are an independent sales or manufacturing representative or company who is owed commissions from your principal client, please call one of our Sales Representative Attorneys to discuss the particulars of your situation.

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