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The Independent Sales Representatives Law Center was created to help guide individuals and sale rep agencies who make their living as independent sales representatives. Many states, including New Jersey, have enacted laws that offer significant legal protection to independent sales to ensure they are paid for the sales services they provide their principals. For example, New Jersey has enacted the New Jersey Sales Representatives' Rights Act, which provides incentive for principals to timely compensate their independent sales representatives for sales commissions that were earned and are due to them.  Under New Jersey law, a principal who fails to make timely payment of an earned sales commission will be liable in an amount equal to three times the unpaid commission, as well as all attorneys fees and costs to the independent sales representative.

Our attorneys represent independent sales representatives in all legal areas of their sales agency business. We assist in the drafting and negotiating of Sales Commission Agreements with the principals to ensure our clients are best protected when legal issues arise during their sales relationship and after termination of the relationship. Our attorneys are also skilled in the collection process of unpaid sales commission and are ready to litigate if necessary to recover your earned sales commissions. Our New Jersey Sales Representative Attorneys understand the specific business challenges confronting independent sales representatives.

Some Examples of the Legal Services We Provide To Independent Sales Representative: 
  1. Unpaid Sales Commission Collections and Litigation
  2. Drafting/Negotiating Sales Commission Agreements
  3. Employee Contracts
  4. Non-Compete Agreements
  5. Non-Solicitation Agreements
  6. Wage Payment Law
  7. Retaliatory Discharge
  8. Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions of Sales Agencies

Please contact our office to speak to one of our Sales Representative Lawyers to discuss your sales business, your legal needs and how we can assist you.

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